Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

If you had been invited to a Halloween party there are plenty of costumes that you could hire, but what if you wanted to be sure that you were the only person wearing that particular costume. The best way to do this is to sit down and think of Halloween costume ideas and even if you cannot be sure that this is the only one in the world, there are ideas on line that are likely to make sure that no one else looks just like you.

Chewing Gum under a Table – this can be quite easily made as you will need to be covered in pink clothes and make a small table out of cardboard. It will not scare everyone out of the room but it is a horrible thing most of them will be agree.

Skeletons – not all costumes will have to be purchased and if you have a bit of patience, then a skeleton is a cheap and easy costume to make.  All it will take is black trousers, a long sleeved black t shirt-and maybe there will be the need to buy the mask. It is not a costume that can be made at the last minute as there needs to be time for the paint to dry.

Ghosts – these are some of the easiest Halloween costume ideas to make, and they can be made to cover a variety of characters. An example is a maid where there can be the normal maids costume, but with white make-up, grey hair and either a layer of talc or fine white material that will look like cobwebs.

Just a Ghost – Halloween costume ideas do not have to be complicated. It really is possible to make a ghost costume out of a sheet or at least a couple of sheets. Making arms will be easy and then there can be wounds and scars added to make it look more realistic. Again this is a costume that will need a mask to be purchased.

Vampires – these are easy to make and don’t need more than a few accessories. The fangs will need to be purchased and it may be necessary to make a cape as it is not the sort of thing that many people have in their wardrobe. All it will take is an old evening suit and either a bow tie or a small black tie. Makeup to make the skin very pale and any fake blood that is required will need to be bought.

Halloween costume ideas do not have to be complicated and do not have to cost a great deal of money. Few people will expect people to go overboard for their parties but will be glad that they made the effort.